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I enrolled in the Kaiser senior Advantage (HMO) Medicare Plan with my Medicare in 2009 after I noticed an advertisement on the Internet that glamorized Kaiser and made the Kaiser Medicare Plan appear to offer the best medical treatment and the most medical treatment of the Medicare plans available in 2009.

My story about  Kaiser Medical abuse and Death Panels actually began many years ago when a doctor  in Napa California told me I had been exposed to a potentially fatal, when not properly treated, liver virus the U.S. Department of Health and Human  Services (HHS) , estimates that 3.2 million other people in the United States are also infected with;  the virus (chronic hepatitis C infection), and most people don't feel ill or know they are infected, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The HHS and CDC also estimate that there  are approximately 17,000 new hepatitis C cases each year in the U.S., many of which go unreported.

I enrolled in the Kaiser Senior Advantage Medicare Plan with the written understanding that Kaiser would use my Medicare to provide and pay for proper and meaningful medical treatment and medicine to treat the potentially deadly liver virus I am infected with and to provide and pay for proper and meaningful medical treatment and medicine to treat any complications I suffer from an old abdominal injury and an old back injury and spine fracture that took place in 1984 or 1985 at the same time during the same unfortunate incident that required immediate surgery. The back injury still causes me severe pain day and night nearly all the time, primarily because a facility in Napa California that falsely claims to provide excellent medical treatment instead intentionally deceived and mislead me and medically abused and neglected me after I accidentally fell and re-injured and exacerbated the old spine fracture injury to my back in 2001.

However, the Kaiser liver doctors at the Kaiser Hospital Gastroenterology Department in Vallejo, California that were assigned to my case when I began asking for medical treatment and medicine in 2009 to treat the chronic liver virus and stop the virus from causing additional damage to my liver and eventual premature death, did not provide proper and meaningful medical treatment and medicine for the chronic liver virus and instead used and abused their medical knowledge to deceive and mislead me and to avoid providing any proper and meaningful medical treatment and medicine for the chronic liver virus, and this intentional fraud and medical neglect enabled the virus to continue to progress and cause additional liver damage and bring me closer and to the verge of a premature death.

I complained to the Kaiser Member Services that I learned the Kaiser liver doctors at the Vallejo Kaiser Facility had been misleading me and giving me inaccurate information for years to avoid spending any money to provide proper and meaningful medical treatment and medicine  to treat the liver disease,  and I informed Kaiser the pain in the area of my liver has gotten worse.

 I finally moved to Sacramento California to be close to my relatives and I asked Kaiser to assign a different liver doctor to my case and a liver doctor at the Morse Ave. Kaiser Facility in Sacramento named Dr. Mary Pauly was assigned to my case.

My mother went with me to my initial appointment with Dr. Pauly in her office at the Morse Ave Kaiser Facility in Sacramento. It is interesting that Dr. Pauly first told my mother and I that  she could easily treat the virus without difficulty, and Dr. Pauly said the results of the ultrasound scan of my liver she ordered performed showed that my liver is doing well and in the third stage of liver disease and damage out of four stages and then death.  . However, after Dr. Pauly procrastinated for a couple of months ordering several routine tests, including an EKG and  two blood tests, on separate occasions, the second blood test ordered by Dr. Pauly’s R.N., Gayle Witt, California License Number: 385474, that required the Phlebotomist to take 14 tubes or vials of blood from me.
The results of the blood test that was recently taken at the Kaiser West Point facility in Sacramento that consisted of the Phlebotomist drawing 14 vials or tubes of blood from me claim that my ALT and AST liver enzymes are currently within normal limits at 24, after years of additional liver damage because Dr. Cuff and Dr. Talley at the Gastroenterology Department in Kaiser Hospital in Vallejo California refused to provide any proper or meaningful medical treatment and medicine to treat the Hepatitis C virus I am infected with, and previous blood test results taken since 2009 verify my liver enzymes were extremely elevated at 61 and 71.  These ostensible blood test results are illogical because and it is ridiculous for Kaiser’s Dr. Pauly to now claim my liver is currently functioning normally after many years of additional liver damage and considering the liver virus does not stop causing more and more liver damage and progressing towards Cirrhosis, liver cancer, and death unless proper and meaningful medical treatment and medicine is given to the person with the virus. That was not and is not the case here.

Dr. Pauly recently changed her story and told me the liver damage the virus [untreated for years in Vallejo] has caused to my liver progressed from third stage liver disease and I now have Cirrhosis of the liver, or end stage liver disease or damage.

I would not be surprised, although very sad, if the virus has actually progressed into liver cancer and Dr Pauly and Kaiser are not telling me, to avoid any possible consequences for the injuries they intentionally caused with their neglect.

I asked Dr. Pauly again a couple days ago when she is going to start treatment for the liver virus and for the name of the medicine she is planning to use. Dr. Pauly said she wants to start treatment soon and she is going to prescribe the new drug named Harvoni, but she claims I need to take a treadmill test first because, she claims,  the results of the EKG her R.N. GayleWitt ordered revealed an abnormality. I don’t think Gale Witt is qualified to provide medical  treatment and I have not yet ascertained if an R.N. is legally permitted to order tests, blood tests and an EKG, for a liver specialist that claims she is going to start my HCV treatment.
I asked Dr. Pauly for the name of the abnormality she said the EKG her R.N. ordered revealed and Dr. Pauly ignored my question. I subsequently asked Dr. Pauly about the alleged EKG abnormality a few times on more than one occasion and she also ignored the question.
Dr. Pauly called me on the telephone and told me I need to take an Adenosine Stress Test for my heart that involves injecting a radioactive chemical called Adenosine into the blood stream that increases heart rate until the concocted chemical Adenosine wears off. Adenosine has shown several adverse affects including heart attack and sudden death. I told Dr. Pauly I had an EKG for something else a while back and the results are normal and I never had anything wrong with my heart before I asked for the expensive liver virus  treatment. I explained to Dr. Pauly that the Harvoni product information sheet does not say anything about the Harvoni adversely affecting the heart. Dr. Pauly responded and claimed that she is planning to prescribe a drug with the Harvoni called Ribaviron and Ribaviron causes anemia and can cause heart attack because a drug called Interferon was given to me on two occasions years ago and that drug failed to reduce the viral count of the virus or stop the virus damage. I told Dr. Pauly  the Harvoni product information sheet states Harvoni studies verify Harvoni  treats the virus effectively  with the same effectiveness with or without taking Ribaviron with Harvoni simultaneously,  and whether or not the drug Interferon was effective against the virus in a case when  it was given to a person years ago. I then asked Dr. Pauly when Interferon was given to me and she said in 2010 and in 2002. I responded that I did not enroll with Kaiser until 2009. Dr. Pauly apparently slipped and inadvertently divulged to me that a facility I never wanted to release embarrassing information from and never signed a release of information for Kaiser to obtain information from, released personal and private information about me to Kaiser that I did not want released.
I explained to Dr. Pauly that years go a Dr. Robert B. Talley at the Kaiser Facility in Vallejo prescribed an HCV drug called Interferon, but a couple weeks later Talley discontinued the drug and said the drug Interferon is ineffective, but I thought it a waste of time to mention to Kaiser Dr. Pauly that Kaiser and some other liver doctors at other medical facilities prescribe expensive drug treatments to patients only to give the appearance of benevolence and then quickly discontinue the drug without giving the drug time to reach effectiveness in order to Maximize Profit for Kaiser, and the Kaiser or other doctor involved.

I telephoned Kaiser Member Services and told them that I do not want to deal with Dr. Pauly again because she frequently changes stories and changes her diagnosis and Dr. Pauly should not prescribe medicines, tests, and treatments for conditions that are not her purview and that I am not afflicted with. Dr. Pauly telephoned me a little while later and began her salesmanship and told me I would have to ask my primary care doctor about a heart test because she is liver doctor.

I told Dr. Pauly that I intend to pursue getting a different liver doctor assigned to my case that will just prescribe the Harvoni without all the other stuff, and she tried to telephone me but I did not answer the telephone.

I previously informed Kaiser that the radioactive liquid disagrees with me and makes me feel ill.

I received some telephone calls the next day after I told Dr. Pauly I intend to pursue getting a different liver doctor assigned to my case that will just prescribe the Harvoni without all the other stuff,  and the telephone number of the caller on my screen was a Kaiser number, and I did not answer  I checked my voicemail after 5:00 that evening and there were three voicemails from Kaiser. The first voice mail stated it is an urgent call for me from  Kaiser Radiology , even though I had rejected the appointment Dr. Pauly scheduled there for me against my will to have a heart stress test the day before. The second voice mail stated that it is an urgent call for me from Kaiser, and a third voice mail stated  the call is for me from Kaiser Member Services about the complaint I made about Dr. Pauly on December 10, 2014, and I asked that a new liver doctor be assigned to my case to treat me because Dr. Pauly does not want me to ask her any questions, she does not give me information unless I complain, Dr. Pauly does not want me to be a part of my treatment,  Dr. Pauly does not want me to see any specialists, she makes determinations and orders tests that are out of her purview, she changes her stories from day to day,  and Dr. Pauly inadvertently told me Kaiser obtained personal and confidential information about me from another facility I did not release in violation of the HIPAA Medical Privacy laws.

It appears that Dr. Pauly is using her affiliates to stalk me because she knows I made a complaint about her and she wants to put the blame on me, and she knows I asked for her to quit bothering me and procrastinating and not prescribing the medicine I need, and I need a liver doctor that stays within his or her purview.

Kaiser liver doctor Mary Pauly wrote in my medical record that liver transplants (i.e., a life extending treatment) are contraindicated for older people. It also appears that Kaiser Dr. Mary Pauly and a Kaiser arbitration lawyer had the vilifying and demeaning  statements put in with the Kaiser medical record on disk to try to prevent me from getting a second opinion because the Kaiser arbitration lawyer said he gave me the disk as a courtesy and I think he knew all the rotten stuff Mary Pauly had written.

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