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The Richard Obanion Story
Patient Abandonment - With Richard Obanion
His HMO physicians chose to medicate him with opiate pain medicine rather than admit what had actually happened to him and do what could be done to fix the medical problems they created.  Consequently he became dependent on the HMO prescribed medications. 
Rehab Scams - With Richard Obanion

Richard Obanion, Survivor and Health Care Advocate tells us about the New Big Moneymaker for the  Medical Industry – REHAB.  Learn how this new industry was quickly turned into a big moneymaker once the Feds made many pain medicines difficult to obtain.

Kaiser tells local woman to 'live with the pain'

Friday, May 07, 2010

By Scott Thomas Anderson (

Linda Coulter is in agonizing discomfort every day.

The Ione woman fears she will soon lose both of her legs if she's not treated with Micro vas - Neuro vasix technology. However, that scenario has grown bleak lately, as Coulter has been drawn into an ongoing conflict with her health care provider, Kaiser Permanente, about the nature of her diagnosis.

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Connie's Story

I am 30 years old and was with Kaiser , Fremont, California  for several years until they gave me several misdiagnoses  starting in 2004 with deep vein thrombosis  in my pelvis and then proceeded to give me a harmful drug that apprently is a drug for men with prostate cancer and women with endometriosis a GRNH DRUG . 

I found that my HMO in Washington State (Kaiser) had told their
doctor to increase their "Patients Per Day" to 110 from 90. 

Because of constant back pain I was prescribed to go to Kasier's Physical
Therapy to try a number of procedures. When I tried to sign in, I was told
they were booked and wouldn't have an opening for two months. "Try again in
a couple of months." I was incensed. I went right back down the hall to my
doctor's office and demanded to see the doctor again. He walked down to
Physical Therapy and demanded I be entered; that I couldn't be expected to
wait months while in pain. I have other Kaiser horror stories, but you get
the idea.

I have a good doctor now (he's Chief of Staff of the hospital connected to
physician offices). It's become a joke in the office (five other doctors)
about my carrying a copy of my own medical records. (it's an abbreviated
record I keep on my computer and print out to take with me. About 12 pages).
He or his nurse will go to look something up, like a previous operation, and
I'll often find it faster in my records. And I carry a sheet with my
questions already written out so I don't forget to ask him something.

The point being: it's up to us to demand the services we pay for. And as
this forum has shown, it's up to us to do what we can to understand our own
problems and be a part of our cure by asking questions and questioning
procedures. And understanding the doctor doesn't know it all and inject
statements like, "could you check your books and see what medicine might be
better?" "Can you find out more about that and get back to me?" "Should you
refer me to a specialist on this?"

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Patient: Paula Ducas Aug 9 2002
Dr. Hochman, I don't know if you will be able to help me, but you look like the best hope I have. My mother suffers from chronic pain - and has for at least 17 years.  A pain that hinders her day to day activies and has caused her to become depressed and suicidal at times.

Dr. Hochman,
I am in pain and need help.  I am a patient and employee of Kaiser Permanete but cannot find a
doctor who honors his oath and will properly and effectively treat my pain.

Dear Mr. Greenly,
I am a 61 year old woman who has reached the point where I don’t know what to do about the pain Im living with. So Im writing to you to see if you can help.

Attn: Mr. Tom Greenly
In 1983 I was physically struck by an uninsured motorist’s car. Since then I have had lots of Physical Therapy, been on Codine, Darvon, Darvecet 100 & have been on Vicodin/Lortab 5/500 two tablets 4 times daily to date. The doctors at Kaiser keep refusing to give me a triple script pain killer. I have a herniated disc L4/5 & a cervical herniated disc; degenerative spinal disease below L-5; degenerative disease the AC cup area of my left shoulder; both legs ache from the knee down; arthritis in right knee; fibromyalsia - my muscles hurt so badly...