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        I went in for a personal matter. request which was not treated. . In the process, information was taken and added to my medical file that is basically irreverasable. I am filling a grivance and appeal.
        Well before that, I went in with swelling in my face. For 2 weeks the gave me steriods.I saw over 10 DR's at 2 facility's. On or about the 12 day, I drove to my mothers house, who did not believe how serious my condition was. One half of my face was so swollen the left eye was sealed shut. The weak prior to going to my mother for help, I was up 24/7 with no well water. I was boiling water from a storage tank and nursing 4 abcesses, trying to relive the pain. I was not aware of how bad off I was.
        My mother finaly took me to Kaiser emergency. The staff ENT paced around me trying to figure out what to do. 2-4 hrs later I was in surgery. 4 pockets of MRS( Resistant Staff) were irrigated. I woke up durring the operation with an intubation tube in my throat and I tried to leave.
        I was in recovery for about 5 days when my surgeon came and pulled the iodine soaked gauze out of the wounds with no local pain control. I went into shock and did not eat for about a day and a half.
        I don't know if there is any lesson to be learned here, as I had no idea what was going on. It could have been poison oak for all I knew.
        Kasier has a timeline for inpatient/outpatient, and they released me on the 23rd hour of my last day, to avoid 1 more day of inpatient care.
Russ Cole