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This is the story of Connie, a Northern California Kaiser Victim as told in her own words:

I am 30 years old and was with Kaiser , Fremont, California for several years until they gave me several misdiagnoses starting in 2004 with deep vein thrombosis in my pelvis and then proceeded to give me a harmful drug that apprently is a drug for men with prostate cancer and women with endometriosis a GRNH DRUG .

I never had either condition and I was mistreated.

I had suffered from chronic pelvic pain from two C sections at Kaiser. One child in 2001 and one child on 9-19-2005 in Hayward, California. When i had my son Kaiser never told me about my pelvic adhesions that they found while i was in labor and they left me in chronic pelvic pain for years after.

I was not aware of this condition from 9-19-2005 to 1-2008 when they finally did a Lapacotomy. They then proceeded to take my appendix out for nothing , when i had my son. I was not told for four more years after they had discovered this condition in my uterus .

I was being treated at Kaiser ,Fremont and the treating gynocologist did not give me physical therapy to break down my scar tissue. Instead she gave me a harmful drug, Lupron which caused me severe osteoporosis because the treating doctor did not follow protocal and give me add back therapy with the drug to help protect my bones. I was 4 ft 10inches and 100lbs at the time , and the drug was supposed to given as a injection only every 30 days but they were giving it 13 days apart. She [the Kaiser physician] proceeded to give me more. I kept telling her that I was having blurry vision and joint pain and other symptoms which led to having permanent eye damage in my left eye and arthritis at age of 30 t scre -2.8

There is alot to say. I want to sue Kaiser.