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Congressional Testimony: Cruz Gomez to Bill Windsor of Lawless America.

Lawless America...The Movie is all about exposing the fact that we now live in Lawless America. We no longer have laws that are enforced because judges do whatever they want to do. America has also become lawless because government officials are dishonest and/or corrupt.

The movie will expose corruption in every state. The Movie will focus on victims. Corrupt judges and corrupt government officials will be exposed, and we will confront a number of the crooks.
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Here is Mr. Gomez's story:

In early 1985 I had a treadmill test along with an EKG as part of an annual  physical test. Because my cholesterol level was borderline 200, it was recommended that I not eat more than 2 eggs per week. I was never a big egg eater so the doctors provided no revelations. While I was still working one of my subordinates came into my office to tell me that she was very concerned, of having breast cancer, because she was having pain on one of her breasts and that her doctor told her  breast cancer did not cause such pain. This young woman was later diagnosed with cancer of the breast which had already spread to other parts of her body. She died and the quack who could have saved her life is no doubt still practicing quackery with a government license. I have found out that doctors that are drug addicts are allowed to practice medicine and that doctors that have a higher than average patient  mortality rate move from place to place- city to city/state to state.

Around August 1985 my family took our annual one week vacation, along with our church group, to Yosemite National Park and had  a good time until the day before we left the Park. On that day around mid-day I started cleaning the outside of my travel trailer and all of a sudden I felt severe stabbing like pain below my left breast. The pain intensified if I took deep breaths. I sat for a while and then resumed cleaning the trailer. The pain returned with more intensity. I felt very sick for the rest of the day and during the night.

Upon arriving back home I went to see my Kaiser Permanente doctors. I don't remember if an EKG was taken but the doctors found no problem and told me that the pain that I experienced was not associated with heart problems. No medicine was prescribed but my body kept telling me that something was not normal. I felt weak, fatigued and short of breath. Just taking the waste can from the house to the side yard wore me out.

On September 20, 1985, I took a vacation day from work to pick up construction material that was needed by my brother-in-law, a masonry contractor, who was building a cement-brick walkway from the sidewalk to the entrance to my house. All the material was loaded on my pick-up truck by the supply store personnel and when I got home I started slowly pushing with a shovel the gravel/sand of the bed of the pick-up. I did that for a couple of minutes and then I felt short of breath, hot and as though I wanted to vomit and to have a BM. I made my way off the truck and went into the house. I washed up and told my wife that I did not feel well. My wife told me to rest and she gave me some fruit juice and fresh fruit. After resting a while I went back to my truck and again slowly shoved the gravel/sand off the truck. After a couple of minutes I got very sick again and went inside the house.

I am the type of person that does not like to sit/kneel on the floor because of my concern about germs but this time I felt so sick that I flopped down on the carpet in my living room and told my wife that I could not breath. Thank God that my wife was home that day. My wife brought an electric fan and placed it close to my face and though I gasped for air I felt that I was being suffocated. I threw up on my clothing and I then told my wife to call the paramedics. My wife is a nurse but she had never faced this type of emergency.

By the time the paramedics arrived I felt that my whole body was being crushed.

I was taken to a nearby Hospital and I then started seeing the fleecing non-caring practices of the medical profession. After a few days at this hospital I was moved to a Kaiser Permanente hospital in Bellflower, California. This period of time was at the height of the AIDS/HIV epidemic. I was concerned about getting diseased blood and I and my family requested to donate blood for my use in case surgery became necessary. Our requests to donate blood for my use were refused through deceitful methods and I wound up getting Hepatitis C contaminated blood (and who knows what other diseases) which was concealed from me for 11 years. After it was revealed that I had HC I became a critic of Kaiser Permanente practices (which appear to be used by all the medical profession). Because of my criticism I was considered a "problem" by doctors and on January 31, 2005 after just being through a second heart bypass surgery and while I was still in intensive care Kaiser Permanente medical personnel walked into my room discussing how and the best way to get rid of a problem which they chose and performed. My head was lowered and they quickly walked out of my room. as they left, liquid started going into my lungs through the breathing tube that was in my throat. I then started feeling a drowning sensation (I was given Kaiser Permanente's version of  "water- boarding." The two killers that tried to kill me that day (one of who wore a white medical coat) had decided to use a fast method "like using water" to get rid of the problem- me.

God saved me that day because I was able to make enough noise by pounding with all my strength on the bed's side rail. Fortunately my noise cause a female nurse to respond to my noise though she was followed into my room by the man that had minutes earlier actuated the controls to my bed that had  lowered my head. I frantically pointed accusing fingers at the man before I was placed into unconsciousness with drugs that were injected into the IV that was still attached to my throat.

I strongly believe that the female nurse that intervened in saving my life on January 31, 2005 was Liya "Jessie" LuLiya "Jessie" Lu  whose decomposed body, according to the news media, was found in a trash can in the backyard of a house in Arcadia, California in 2007. I also believe that she was murdered because she saw me pointing accusing fingers at one of the two men that had discussed and then acted the plan to kill me (by the way the man that lowered my head appeared to have been working with Liya that night and may have been her work supervisor. The trial of Liya's accused killer has been a sham all along with the appearance/actions of the coroner aiding the defense of the accused killer. I also believe that whoever gave the orders to kill me also gave the orders to kill Liya and that such orders came from persons high up in the healthcare industry including persons in government oversight agencies.
(See News Articles about Liya Lu here)

The Associated Press in an article in the Los Angeles Times in late 1990's reported that about 400,000 persons were infected with HC through blood transfusions. My question has been whether these infections were part of a government approved experiment.

Why is the healthcare cost breaking the country? Because legislators allow medical providers to use the costs associated with the harm, death and fraud caused by the negligent/intentional practices of medical providers to be included in the development of healthcare insurance premiums/fees and because government agencies close their eyes to fraudulent, harmful behavior of healthcare providers.

Liya's life could have been saved if officials and legislators had acted properly to my complaint. But once again money/power trumps life/justice.

By the way the way, I submitted a 7-page complaint on January of 2006 to the (which I believe recently either merged with another department or changed its name)  concerning Kaiser Permanente. I have never received an indication of resolution to my complaint even though in 2010 DHS (via E-mail) claimed that its records show that a letter related to my complaint was mailed to me in 2007. In 2010 I requested from DHS to be provided with a copy of such letter but again I did not receive a reply.

Within the last two months I was told that the has jurisdiction over DHS so I then requested the assistance of a California Assembly member in obtaining a copy of the letter that DHS claims was provided to me in 2007. A staff member of the Assembly member asked me to provide to him a copy of the complaint that I submitted to DHS in 2006. I submitted the requested copy of the 7-page complaint but I have not yet heard from the office of the Assembly member.

Additionally there are indications that another attempt was made to harm me late in 2006. On July 1, 2006, I changed health plans and became covered by Secure Horizons. Through this new health plan I was given an appointment to have an echo-cardiogram of my heart in the office of a cardiologist in Downey. During the procedure the technician left the room a few times saying that there was a problem with the lotion/ointment that is used in the procedure. At the end of the procedure I was instructed to remain laying down until the technician verified that the test data was in the computer. After a few minutes I was allowed to get up and was told to leave. I had driven myself to the procedure and about a 1/2 hour after I arrived home I suddenly lost complete control of my neck muscles. I was not able to hold my head erect and my head bobbed all over. I could not stand nor walk for some time. If that had happened to me on the way home I no doubt would have been in an accident and would have been arrested for DUI. I believe that I was given a toxic drug with the lotion/ointment through the skin and that the intent (see No. 1 below) was to cause to be involved in an accident. I make this contention because I was never given the results of the echo-cardiogram procedure and after two additional return appointments to the cardiologist's office I was finally told that the test results had disappeared from the computer.

I have seen and experienced that medical providers make use of medical processes to kill patients.

1.On the morning of February 1, 2005, the day after  I had the second heart by-pass surgery at Sunset hospital, a doctor that was heading a large group of medical personnel stopped the group by the door to my hospital room that was in ICCU and stated loudly, "this is Mr Gomez, he is prone to cirrhosis of the liver because of drugs." I have never used drugs however with this slanderous/defamatory statement this doctor was voicing the medical mafia's medical conspiracy to ascertain that I would not be eligible for organ transplantation in the future whenever my liver or other organ fails (HC causes harm and failure of other major organs not just the liver as doctors routinely preach) because of the contaminated blood transfusions that were given to me on October 28, 1985 when I had my first heart bypass surgery.

2. One morning before I was discharged from the hospital after having the January 31, 2005 heart bypass surgery I was instructed to get out of bed and to walk around for a few minutes. After the walk, the nurse in charge told me that she was going to recommend that I be discharged later in the day. I laid back in my bed and suddenly I felt a  strange feeling and my monitor starting blaring loudly and the monitor display showed by heart rate swinging wildly out of control- from flat (0) to around 200. Code Blue was announced over the PA and medical personnel rushed to my bedside. I heard someone asking loudly what my potassium level was and someone else responding that it was O.K.  Then someone else asking what my magnesium level was and someone replying that it was low. That it was known all along that my magnesium level was low and that there were plans to discharge me from the hospital under such condition reveals that there were plans to send me home to a possible sudden death.

3. One of the medical staff persons that came to my bedside after the Code Blue was called then stated that I had a similar heart malfunction that was recorded in 1999 while I wore a 24-hour halter monitor. I told that person that I had always been told after such a test that everything was normal. So the statement by that staff member revealed that God had kept me from being killed yet another time.

4. After the Code Blue episode I was kept hospitalized longer and a Mooga-scan of my heart was dones( and an ultra-sound test of my stomach was also done). I was told that everything was normal but later tests showed that my heart was not getting sufficient blood. After returning to work I became very sick suddenly and had to be rushed by paramedics to Kaiser Permanente Sunset hospital. An ultra-sound test of my stomach was done along with other tests. I was told that everything was O.K. However a latter ultra-sound test of my stomach revealed that I had stones in my gall-bladder.  The doctors that  provided the results of the latter Mooga-scan and of the latter ultra-sound tests told me that the earlier tests and the latter tests showed the same results.

5. I believe that the January 31, 2005 heart bypass surgery was done in error and that my symptoms before that surgery were caused by the stones in my gall-bladder. Because for several months before the January 31, 2005 heart bypass surgery I had been complaining of almost continuous belching and discomfort in my stomach and chest. I have been told by doctors that

I also recommend that people see the video which shows the hodge.podge  operation that most coroners run. Additionally people should read the May  2012 issue of Discover magazine which has an eye-opener of a story that is titled that relates the practice of organ harvesters. I wish that all persons that have checked their California Driver license as organ donors would read this story. My God, such savagery that is practiced under government license.

By the way within the last month there was a news story on TV that related that the family of a young woman that had her driver license marked as an organ donor was taking legal action to prevent the "harvesting" of her organ after she was involved in a serious accident. The story related that having a driver license marked for organ donation is a contract that can not be broken. I ask who is privy to such a contract because only the doctors benefit from organ transplantation. One could argue that organ recipients would benefit from such practice and that doctors are trying to save lives. But I say that a greater amount of  human lives would be saved if only doctors would be required to wash their hands and write prescriptions legibly. But if such a "no brainer" requirement was imposed the bottom line of medical providers would decrease as would the payola that medical providers feed to their political cronies.  


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