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Darrell Timothy Reed and his sister Roshone HarmonAugust 15, 2007 -  Darrell Timothy Reed II died at Kaiser Permanente hospital in Baldwin Park California

On August 15, 2007, Darrell Timothy Reed II  went into the Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park, California hospital for a routine knee surgery and died in the recovery room.

Darrell's mother sat in the operation waiting room just down the hall. 

All the doctors that were involved with his case said they didn't know what happened. 

They couldn't explain why this healthy young man died while recovering from a 16 minute laser surgery. 

Now the family and their attorney are having difficulty obtaining  his medical records. Kaiser seems to be stone-walling them all. 

Hospital staff and staff rumor's related to the family are that an overdose of anethesia was the cause of death.   Kaiser has decided to make it difficult for the family and legal counsel to review the medical records. 

After three months of requesting the medical records of this medical event that the Kaiser doctors just can't figure out what went wrong, some of the records have finally been released.  The results are very disturbing.

Darrell's sister, Roshone wrote to us explaining that according to the very few medical records released to the family that:

The anesthesiologist had problems ventilating Darrell, so he was intubated.

2.    During the surgery, the anesthesiologist WENT ON HIS LUNCH BREAK!  Another Kaiser anesthesiologist took over          this 16 minute operation, that the first doctor had to leave for his lunch break.

             a.    Not one family member had ever been told this piece of information.  Why would the physician primarily                                  responsible for making sure that Darrell got through the surgery leave mid procedure?

              b.   Why would the physician leave especially when, according to the records Darrell was having trouble                                        breathing?

3.   The orthopedic surgeon told the family that the surgery was uneventful and over in 16 minutes.  

NOTE from Vickie who has placed this information online and is now voicing her own personal opinion:

In my experience, the only time people leave in the middle of something important is when someone else is fixing things to assume responsibility for something gone wrong or making sure that you don't find out what has happened.  The only time I have heard of this with Kaiser botched medical matters is when they are trying to have another medical person take the fall for whatever the blunder is or - they are trying to fix the problem so the patient/family never finds out the truth.

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