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Who killed Baby Fianna?

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My daughter Fianna Amor McGuire died on sunday 9/30/2007.
She had a cold that turned into crupe. Her throat was swollen and she was laboring to breathe for 48 hours. she finally gave up and died. The problem is we have kaiser healthcare. We visited a doctor twice in those two days. Both times they sent us home as if we were over-reacting. The doctors orders were to buy a vaporizer. We did. 3 hours later my baby was Fianna Amor McGuire age 2dead. I asked the doctor if she could possibly get too tired to breathe and he said no its ok she is normal for this illness. Why did they not admit her? My goal is to not let her go without avenging her death. Kaiser is to blame. their big business motives are obviously clouding the judgment of their doctors. I need all of your help to wage this campaign on the internet. I will share more info with you if you are willing to truly help me. I hope you can see past your sarcasm to believe me. I have pictures of her happy and pictures of her dead if you need proof. I have known a lot of you for years. Please help me now.

On Friday Fianna had a cough. No big deal, it was just a cold. She's had a cold before. No biggie. Friday night Audra, Fianna, and I watched movies and ate snacks until about 11pm. At 1am Audra awoke to Fianna breathing hard. She was awake with her from 1am to 7am. Fianna had labored breaths that are what you would have if you squeezed your throat.
She was improved by about 9am when we went to the Kaiser office near our house on Saturday morning.
The pediatrician prescribed prednisone to reduce the swelling in her throat.

As we waited for the prescription she ran around the waiting room laughing and playing. She was sick and breathing hard but she was having a good time.

She was out of control so I took her downstairs and out into the parking lot.
She always insisted on walking the stairs on her own
We walked all the way to the far side of the lot to hide behind the bushes from Mommy.
She was all laughs and having fun.

As Saturday went on Fianna's breathing became more labored.

We went to the store and picked up some snacks. 
Fianna wanted maraschino cherries, pretzels, and chocolate milk.

We picked up all of that for her.

We had been putting Fianna into the shower all day so that she could breathe steam.

The doctor on Saturday said that was what we should do.

playing and laughing on Saturday night.
She asked for, and of course was given a bowl of the cherries.

This was the last thing she ever ate.

As Saturday night went on her breathing became more and more labored.

Throughout the night we stayed up monitoring her breathing.

She breathed hard, but shewas able to breath.

Sunday morning there was a noticeable difference in her.

Saturday she smiled,

Sunday she did not.

Her breathing became even more labored on Sunday.

We steamed her in the shower.

I held her belly just below her ribs to support her diaphragm.

This brought her relief.

She told me it made it better.

She grabbed my hand and put it on her belly for me to hold it.

She said the pain was in her chest and throat.

She sat up and tried to cough, but it ended in her punching the air and the things around her because she was in pain.

She did not cough at all on Sunday; although it was obvious she tried to and/or needed to.

We continued to steam her and hold her.

She was very clingy and she has not been that way in over a year.

She was a very independent girl, always playing alone and coloring on her own.

She never asked me to hold her but on Sunday she wouldn’t stop coming to me.

Something was not right.

We were play buddies, not hug buddies

That’s what mommy was for.

She held onto me like never before.

Audra made some tortilla soup.

Fianna loved that.

Sunday she would not eat or drink anything.

That was when I decided it was time to take her to the hospital.

I told Audra to call the advice nurse which was standard procedure when dealing with Kaiser.

The nurse said we had an appointment at 6pm, but to go there now to urgent care so we could be seen earlier.

 We rushed to the closest Kaiser in the area, which was the full hospital 45 minutes from our home.

Fianna was laboring to breathe all the way there and not talking at all.

When we got there they said that we actually had an appointment at 7:30pm with the pediatrician or we could go to urgent care now.

It was 5:00 pm

We elected urgent care because we were advised by the advice nurse to go that route.

We were in 20 minutes later.

The nurse took her blood oxygen number.

95% was the number she wrote down but I saw the gauge go to 93%.

It was a digital gauge.

I figured it was an average.

Her heart was racing at 130 beats per minute as far as I can remember.

We got a room and waited for the doctor.

He came in and listened to her breathing with a stethoscope.

He said it wasn’t in her lungs.

Then he checked her ears, nose, and throat with the lighted thing.

Her throat was red.

He said it was all in her voice box area. That’s why she was talking raspy.

He said it was croup and that her breathing was normal for this condition.

He then excused himself.

He said he had to go check on a couple things. Those were his words.

He came back and said it was all normal.

I asked if it was possible for her to get tired and stop breathing.

He said no, no, no.

He said he was going to have x-rays and blood tests done just in case he missed anything, but he was sure it wasn’t her lungs and it was croup.

We asked if we could skip the blood test since it would be a day until he had results and we were going to take her in on Monday morning to the local clinic.

She had her chest x-rayed.

The doctor said her lungs looked a little hyper extended, but not to worry because this was normal for her condition.

The doctor said it was ok to go home but to stop and buy a vaporizer and some pedialyte.

On the way home Fianna seemed so tired and breathed so hard.

We stopped at Walgreen’s and bought the vaporizer and pedialyte.

As we got home at about 7pm I ran upstairs and set up the vaporizer next to our bed where she slept.

Fianna walked upstairs to our room.

Audra followed.

Audra took Fianna to the bed where she brushed and braided her hair so she wouldn’t sweat as much.

This was the last time I saw Fianna's eyes alive.

I did some laundry.

When I came back to the room Fianna and Audra were laying in the bed.

Fianna was breathing a bit easier now, it seemed.

At 10:15pm Audra woke me up.

Fianna had gagged and then threw up in our bathroom on the floor.

Audra had given her some pedialyte before that was red.

Her vomit was purple.

Her lips were stained purple.

The doctor had said she was going to be ok.

With the vaporizer she would breathe easier very soon.

She looked exhausted.

I checked her pulse, her pupils, her blood flow to her fingers. They were all normal, but her eyes were half closed and I thought that she was half asleep.

She hadn’t slept for more than an hour for 24 hours.

I said she is tired, let’s hold her and allow her sleep.

She climbed out of bed.

Audra went over to her on the floor where she sat and held her.

I said just bring her back to bed and let her sleep.

Every single night Fianna would never lay down when we went to bed.

This was not abnormal.

At 10:45pm, Fianna stopped breathing,

I started CPR as I yelled for Audra to call 911.

Right then, I knew that my baby was dead.

There was no pulse, no breathing, and no movement.

She was lifeless.

Her eyes were dead.

I performed CPR for about 5-10 minutes.

The police arrived and were followed by the paramedics and firemen.

There were like 15 people working on her.

They took her to the hospital that we drove by to get to the Kaiser hospital.

At 11:35pm we arrived and they pronounced her dead.

The ER doctor asked us when she was last at the doctor.

We said earlier that day just a few hours ago.

He asked what treatment they gave her.

We said nothing.

He said “Oh shit, nothing? Why nothing?”

Then he looked at me and I said I know it’s been too long. It’s ok. She is gone.

The next day her primary assigned doctor called me.

She said she was sorry this happened.

She then began to tell me what she would have done.

I said I didn’t want to know what she would have done; I wanted to know why they didn’t do it.

This is not the doctor we saw Saturday or Sunday.

She said, and I think it was her real feeling as it is damaging to Kaiser, that in the future they need to make sure that qualified people are in the urgent care.

Fianna was dead.

My life was ruined.

Audra was ruined.

I was left with the thought that something could have been done but wasn’t.

For whatever reason, Kaiser had hired this man.

They put him in the position to make a decision regarding my baby's life.

Who killed Fianna?


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