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Kaiser Heart Patient Horror Stories

Oh I had to laugh when I received this,


I called up MEMBERSHIP SERVICES and ask why they didn't respond to my letter and  explained everything to
Mr. Elvis Lopis Goncalez on October 2 2013 for 2 hours   and 45 minutes. To straighten everything out and he typed up letter and sent it  off and did a good job explaining once again where Physician Reviewer board   could understand it, and its typed up where a High School Child could understand it. I must say .

 {They must lack common sense and intelligence}

            Just listen to what he said. in letter BREAK DOWN: 

If a patient life is in danger and they don't know how to tell if it is or isn't {send for a TECH from St Jude and he                      can explain if this patient life is in danger. Well I waited in ER over two hours  and half to be seen and hours I waited for a tech.   He was caught in traffic and the St. Jude Tech said I have 2 hours or 2 month before batteries stop. and if I lived long enough for Kaiser to call a Cardiologist in and he can't help unless he is a Pacemaker Cardiologist and he had to get out of bed and so on to get there, and  all a tech can say is that the  program is working or not.   He cannot save my life either.

Read the letters and I come to the conclusion that  it's all about money, not saving a life.

 P.S.  I called Oct. 2, 2013 and got a response by mail on October 4, 2013.
That was fast.  Makes you wonder?



           Mrs. Susan R Kasperski


Letter from Kaiser Fontana pertaining to Pacemaker care in the ER

Kaiser Fontana writes to Susan Kasperski page 2