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Oregonian, The (Portland, OR) - Thursday, July 13, 2000
Author: JOHN PAINTER JR. - The Oregonian

Summary: The woman, who suffers permanent injury, claims negligence in her treatment in 1997

A woman who suffered a massive heart attack and permanent injury filed a $2.2 million lawsuit Wednesday against Kaiser Permanente and several others, including a Kaiser doctor, claiming medical negligence.

In the lawsuit, Caroll Hogan said that on July 28, 1997, she received medical advice and treatment from Dr . Rachot Vacharothone at Kaiser's Vancouver Medical Office.

Officials at Kaiser had no immediate comment on the lawsuit Wednesday, explaining that they had not seen it and had a policy of not commenting on pending litigation.

During the 1997 visit, the lawsuit contends, the defendants were negligent in 20 respects, ranging from failing to properly assess her medical condition "given the presence of multiple high-risk factors" to failing to have a cardiologist read and interpret her electrocardiogram.

The litigation, filed by Vancouver lawyer Michael L. Borge, also alleges that Vacharothone was improperly trained and that Kaiser failed to properly supervise her.

Hogan said that she was sent home and then suffered a massive heart attack and serious and permanent damage to her heart.

As a result of the heart attack, Hogan is disabled, has incurred other medical expenses and faces future medical expenses, the lawsuit stated.

In addition to Kaiser Permanente and the doctor, other defendants are Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Oregon, Comp Health Medical Staffing and Comp Health.
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