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Charlene Dyson and her experience with Kaiser Permanente

My name is Charlene Dyson and I have Kaiser Permanente as my insurance.

In May 2004 I went to the Dr. for my blood pressure, asthma and sinuses. I was so stuffed I could not breath. 
I was crying and and in destress. Dr. took my pressure and saw it was high. I honestly begged her for a breathing treatment as I have been through this all my life so I know what will get it down. 

She would not give it too me and she kept giving me pills to get my B/P down. It was 200/144 she said. Not working. She went and got an RN and she said give her a treatment. My B/P came down but it was still high and she sent me home at 180/110 and nothing for the infection. 

Two days later I had a stroke.( in emergency untreated for over 2hrs.) 2 MRI and 2 cat scans revealed I had acute sinusitis and my brain was ok. Also neurologist said the same. I stayed at the hospital until her office opened and she thought it was funny my mouth was twisted. She then decided to give me an antibiotic which was too late. I asperate when I drink and I can not swallow unless  I turn my head and take a drink as half of my esophageas is closed.  

I was denied to see other Dr as I have a problem with my ear and my eye. My left side is very sore but I am blessed because it could have been worse. I feel cheated and hurt because there are things I don't do like eat out because it is embarrassing. Well thanks for listening it helps a little.