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Kaiser Heart Horror Stories

Second Nightmare at Kaiser Permanente
(Stick around it gets better)
February 2001

This time Kaiser talked me into a pacemaker.  Well shortly later Kaiser made arrangements for me to have one put in.  I was transferred from Kaiser Hospital in Fontana California by ambulance to Sunset Hospital in Los Angeles, California. The surgery was to take place there.  Needless to say I was very frightened but once there, they explained everything to me that would take place and I felt at ease.  After it was all over I was told that someone had to come and pick me up to take me back to Kaiser Hospital, Fontana.  Now I was worried because there wasn't anyone who could pick me up at this time of the morning and my husband's truck could not make the long trip to L.A. and that is what I told them.  

Finally after a long wait, Kaiser said they would send an ambulance for me.  The ride home was rough.  There were bad roads and a lot of pot holes.  I think that I felt them all.

When I returned to Kaiser they had to put me in a new room because they had given my room to someone else.  The ambulance drivers were going to put me in the bed and I noticed that the bed had been slept in already and was soiled badly on the chuck and the sheet.  I told them not to put me on that soiled bed, "look at it!"  They put me in a chair instead.

After an hour I found a nurse and she said they had an emergency and she would be right back.  After another hour, I was tired, upset, hurting and angry.  I used the phone to get help.  Someone from the hospital answered my complaint and I was put into another room.  The nurse made the bed.  The room was dirty but I was too tired to care.  A few hours later they discharged me to go home  {What a Night and Morning to have to go through}