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Kaiser Heart Horror Stories

Eight:  The Reason for Writing This Is:
January 30, 2006

Because I was told I have a tumor in my left breast and it could go into cancer, and the doctor won't take it out until I have the pacemaker out first then shortly after he will remove it when I heal up from surgery.  According to what I was told, I am the only person to have it in the breast.  I am asking Kaiser Permanente in Fontana to foot the bill for the doctor who originally put in my first pacemaker at Sunset Hospital where the doctor did it right.  In case I don't make it through the surgery I want every one to be aware of these doctors and some of their practices in Kaiser.  

Wish me luck.  Thanks.

(Closing this Chapter Up)
May 18, 2006

All went well.  Had the surgery on the left breast, and no pacemaker had to be removed to have it done.

The doctor performed surgery was (Asome) MD Maher Gobran.  Now here is a doctor that made sure everything was checked before surgery, lungs, pacemaker and so forth.  I had the best care before and after surgery.  Oh in the surgery room, I had the best care ever.  I had Jan Harvey from cardiology there that made my day also.  I bet  that was the doings of my sergeant.