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Kaiser Heart Horror Stories

Ninth:  Before and after Surgery
On June 6, 2007
By:  Doctor Sharon L. Kaline (with grammar and spelling as written)

First of all doctor assent messed up on my surgery date and was very rude on phone and said first of all doctor doesn't tell me how to schedule apt in computer and so I messed up I corrected it and I replied too late pre up told me even if you corrected it they could not get me in pre op before the surgery date and now have to second another date down line.  Now surgery went well, but I did as the doctor said and now have a messed up hand, therapy dept said I wont give you any more treatments it looks like I'm doing more harm to it, well months down line, like 4 months now have past and I'm a handy cap now in right hand, but all other things going on I haven't done anything about it yet, because other things came up in my life so I put it on back burner, old saying is.  I member the sergeant saying too me if I do as I'm told about taking care of hand and exercising it, I be fine because she is a very good sergeant, good sergeant?  My finger won't close so I cant grab things or hold things good, one more problem to worry about later on.