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Patient Letter Archive

Patient: C Haupt
Jan 21 2001

c haupt wrote:

Dr. Hochman,

I am in pain and need help.  I am a patient and employee of Kaiser Permanete but cannot find a
doctor who honors his oath and will properly and effectively treat my pain.  I live in the San
Francisco Bay area.   I have never used it, but I do not know what else to do.  If you can direct me to physician who may help me, I would be forever grateful.  I have tried every known alternative.

C. Haupt

Dear Mr. C. Haupt:

Under the California Pain Patients Bill of Rights, your doctor must either treat your pain adequately or refer you to a doctor who will. Send Mr. Gordon your zip code and those around you. We will attempt to find you a qualified doctor.

Under the new JCAHO standards, Kaiser must alo treat you adequately or they risk losing their
licensure. Email the JCAHO () and register a complaint against Kaiser. Do the same with the California Board of Medical Examiners for any doctor who has refused you care. They could lose their license also. Join NFTP. Dr.H

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