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Commentary from The Kaiser Papers:

Evangeline (Evie) Burror's parents had requested to have their daughter's neurological disease (Moyamoya)  treated by a surgeon in Palo Alto at Stanford University.   has a center that routinely treats Moyamoya patients at their .  Moyamoya is a brain disease  that cuts off the blood supply to two major arteries in the brain. This stress often leads to strokes.  It is one the rarest forms of occlusive cerebrovascular disorders encountered in neurosurgery according to their website at:

Kaiser instead chose to cause further stress to the patient and family by not allowing this child to see specialists in this specific disease which is a request that any reasonable and normal patient and parents would make.  While Kaiser does have a neurologist on staff, ,  who is reported to have successfully treated , there is no logical reason for Kaiser to have initially denied this child care at a facility that specializes in this disease.  No reasonable physician would deny any patient or their family such a request.  

Neither Kaiser Permanente, nor the  were able to help this little girl or her family.  The family had requested an outside of system third party expert medical opinion as to how to treat this disease.  Though it is not reported in news articles as to who actually provided the second opinion, it is common for that second opinion to be within the Kaiser system.  

Fox News has reported:  "

It is very sad to read that Kaiser initially was more concerned with their bottom line rather than a positive outcome for a small child that just wants a chance to have a normal life.  It is very sad to read what this family has been forced to go through just to make sure their little girl gets the medical care that they are most confident will restore her health.

Unnecessary stress such as what Kaiser has placed upon this little girl and her family during this crisis is not the right thing to do and was not necessary.

As Fox News has reported, they are making an exception because the debate and delay of care was not in "her best interests."   

It would be nice if we could believe that was the reason for the change of heart and not because of the negative publicity.   


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