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Mom of injured baby wants answers from Kaiser Roseville

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October 11, 2011
ROSEVILLE, CA - An infant's foot was injured when the nurses at Kaiser Permanente in Roseville were on strike and the child's mother wants to know how it happened.

Kendall Shaw, was born 13 weeks prematurely and weighed just 2 pounds at birth. She was 2 weeks old and still hospitalized when mom Cherina Shaw noticed the condition of her little toe.

Newborn Kendall Shaw's Injured Foot from News10/KXTV"Her pinky toe was completely black. And all the way around the ball of her foot was completely black. It was bruised, burned, and blistered all at the same time," said Shaw.

Shaw believes her baby's injury came on the day of the nurses strike Sept. 22.

In a statement from Kaiser, spokeswoman Sandy Sharon says, "The discoloration and blister appear to have developed between Thursday, Sept. 22 , the day of the nurses' union work stoppage, and Friday, Sept. 23, when all Kaiser Permanente nurses had returned."

Shaw says she discovered the wound herself while changing the baby's clothes. What makes her even more upset, she claims no one at the hospital would talk to her about it.

Newborn Kendall Shaw - News 10/KXTV photo"When I was asking for the umbudsman through member services and the nurse manager they kept saying he was unavailable. When we contacted you guys (News10) he was made available immediately," Shaw said. 
The hospital claims it looked into the matter right away.

"We immediately began an investigation as to the possible cause," Sharon said. "Although that investigation is still underway, based on our early review it is possible that pressure from prolonged placement of an oximeter probe, a standard piece of equipment affixed to the skin to monitor oxygen levels, may be responsible."

The baby's foot and toe are healing. Shaw, though, says she doesn't want any other family to go through something more tragic.

"This time it was a toe, Next time it could literally be a life," she said.

In the original article from News10/KXTV a link was provided to Kaiser's Statement.  However, that link led to an unretrievable document.  The link is here:http://www.news10/news/pdf/Response%20from%20Kaiser%20Permanente%20Roseville.doc



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