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Kaiser and the For Profit Permanente Liver Patient Medical Horror Stories

Danny Atterbury  |  Craig Brittingham  |  Marin Pitu  |  Richard Obanion  |  Charles Lewis  |

Dec. 2014 - Danny Atterbury refused adequate and professional medical care from Kaiser Permanente for Hep C.  Kaiser appears to have started and stopped care in an attempt to have the patient believe that he was receiving proper medical care. He learned what they were doing and took action.  He transferred to another facility and the same scenario began again. This appears to be a Kaiser Permanente pattern of behavior.  

May 1, 2013 -  Kaiser Accused of Failing to Diagnose Liver Cancer - by Trish Kraft of Courthouse News
  SAN DIEGO (CN) - A woman claims in county court that her husband died of liver cancer because Kaiser did not diagnose it until it was terminal.

     Valerie Steele sued Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, and Southern California Permanente Medical Group for wrongful death and loss of consortium, in San Diego County Superior Court.

     Steele's complaint says that while Kaiser diagnosed her husband, Craig Brittingham, with Hepatitis and moderately advanced cirrhosis, in 2003, it did not anticipate, monitor for, or catch signs of his liver cancer until he was dying in 2011. He died in 2012, "under defendants' exclusive care and control," according to the complaint. Steele was left with "significant" medical bills from her dying husband's intensive care, while he also was unable to work, the complaint says.
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A Victim of Kaiser Permanente Southern Califoria/Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, Florida Liver

Transplant story.

FIRST Released on February 6, 2011

Mr. Marin Pitu is a victim of Kaiser.  According to Kaiser, he suddenly and without any warning
developed liver disease so bad that he needed an experimental pediatric liver transplant.  Kaiser
sent him to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.  With the assistance of a representative in the
FBI this material has been put together.   Mr. Pitu is not the only Kaiser Permanente patient with this
story that we have obtained information from.

There are others with almost identical information that we have received.  Mr. Pitu though has written out the event's as they have taken place.  As he decides to present information and documentation we will be placing it online.  He hopes that other people will be spared what he has had to go through and what he has yet to. 

August 31, 2007
 SAN DIEGO – The late San Diego Councilman Charles Lewis was never told by his longtime Kaiser physician Willie Thigpen that he had a serious liver disease and that drinking alcohol would hasten his death, an arbitration judge has ruled.