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"All the incentives are toward less medical care, because—the less care they giv
e them, the
more money they make."
Ehrlichman: "Edgar Kaiser is running his Permanente deal for profit."
Mr. John D. Erlichman quoting Edgar Kaiser to President Nixon on February 17, 1971


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Link to very Graphic Photos of what a patient looks like after Kaiser Permanente Delays a Diagnosis until the problem is life threatening.  Warning!!!!!!!!!  Very Graphic Photos.  Do not view if you are easily upset.

Because individuals have broken into homes, have hacked computers,  have stolen electronic and paper materials
pertaining to Mr. Pitu the following photographs are now placed online.  There are more.


More Detailed Photographs may be viewed at:

Mr. Marin Pitu is a victim of what looks like Kaiser nonconsensual medical experimentation.  With the assistance of a representative in the FBI this material has been put together.

For the public an Educational Video has been placed online.  It is embedded in this web page.  It also may be viewed here:

Here is how it played out: According to Kaiser, he suddenly and without any warning developed liver disease so bad that he needed an emergency experimental pediatric liver transplant.  Kaiser sent him to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.  There were ups and downs since 2007 when this transplant took place.  Then Kaiser openly started telling lies and Mr. Pitu was tricked into having a medical experiment performed on him, without consent at Kaiser Permanete Sunset, in Los Angeles, California.  Mr. Pitu had consented to allow a specific physician to perform a routine procedure to maintain his liver.  The Board Certified doctor he had been assured would perform the procedure as it turned out was never there.  He was on vacation.  An unsupervised medical student trying for Board Certification instead butchered his new liver in a procedure so painful,  so damaging, unnecessary and so evil that Mr. Pitu had no other option than to try to find out what in the world Kaiser had done to him. 

Apparently that wasn't enough for that division of Kaiser to stop what they were doing..  They then proceeded to physically force Mr. Pitu to take a drug that the FDA, Kaiser and any other transplant program in the world knows will kill liver transplant patients.  The drug is named Rapamune, or commonly known as Sirolimus.  The DOJ today is involved in investigating the use of this drug on liver transplant patients that physicians are paid to do so by the drug company Pfizer.

What Mr. Pitu found that Kaiser is doing is taken straight out of Hitler's Medical Experimentation book.  This should never happen in America.

Mr. Pitu is not the only Kaiser Permanente patient with this story that we have obtained information from.

He is presenting a series of letters sent to Kaiser and others in a plea to obtain medical care for himself that will save his life.  Unfortunately, Kaiser has dragged it's feet every step of the way.  Mr. Pitu hopes that your reading of this material that you can be spared from suffering as he has had to do.

I  want to appeal to all law enforcement agencies to look closer and closer to HOW the dream of Don Corleone, the fictitious or not Godfather's dream to: " one day do legal business" became reality! Everything evolves, so did the Organised Crime!

The creation of the first HMO was in fact one of the biggest tragedies that happened to America; the biggest scheme that has been allowed to become TO BIG to be touched; a curse that ruined thousands of families, inflicted pain and sufferance in millions of of victims and defrauds the government. - Marin Patu


Mr. Pitu sends a Warning and A Call for Justice

Mr. Pitu writes to his daughter and sends her a copy of a letter to Dr. Vinetz, infectious disease specialist.

Letter to Dr. Amandeep Sahota on April 12, 2010: Liver biopsy or treatement for Acariasis

2/08/11 Letter to Dr. Vinetz, again requesting assistance.

Sat, 2/12/11, Letter from Sebelius, Kathleen (HHS/OS)

Articles of International Interest that Affect Marin Pitu

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EU Commission signs eHealth agreement with US Department of Health