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The following Kaiser Permanente medical negligence/medical fraud story was received directly from the victim.  This person has requested that their identity and location not be disclosed.  If DMHC were to develop an interest in seriously investigating this matter, the location information would be provided.
I was "served" by Kaiser for a number of years.  I utilized the (facility name removed)  services until September of this year.  I finally divorced and relocated to another state knowing I could get decent health care elsewhere.
I took a leap and chance and got a job with benefits.  I was not really able to work but did it to get the coverage knowing when I had to quit I would have the option of COBRA coverage and be eligible to obtain appropriate health care that I was never able to obtain through Kaiser.
I had fibro and serious diabetes.  I had spinal cord damage and ongoing pain issues.  I had been on so many steroids for so long I acquired diabetes and eventually serious circulation problems in my legs.  Kaiser would do nothing about my legs.  Walking became too painful to leave my home except to made visits to the doctor.  My life began to waste away.
I paid for Doppler testing and took the test results to Kaiser hoping I could get some care for my legs.  No such luck.  Six months later I was referred to a Vascular surgeon who told me nothing was wrong with my legs.  "Your legs are as good as mine," he stated.  It took almost a year to get to this man and his response amounted to these 7 words before he left the office.  Obviously, he made a good salary as he certainly cut me off at the pass.
I got buckets of generic pills.  All that I could take.  Only the cheap variety of course.  No real care.  I got my flu shots when Kaiser didn't run out.  I got my blood pressure taken on every visit and my weight taken but I was lucky to get 3 minutes with a doctor.
It was an insidious nightmare.  I almost lost total usage of my legs from sheer neglect.
Yesterday, 3 weeks after getting insurance in another state, I had the testing and have had one leg repaired.  I will have the other leg repaired in 30 days.  I had lost 70 per cent circulation in one leg and 90 per cent in the other.  I was very close to losing my legs through neglect and abuse.  I will never regain all that I have lost but I will not lose my legs.  This would have happened had I stayed with Kaiser. 
Had I not taken the gamble to leave the state and try to get insurance elsewhere I would have lost my legs.  I know that not everyone can do that and I have suffered financially -  but I have my legs
Today, I have color in one leg that I haven't seen in years.  Even more dramatic, I have hopes of leading a normal life again after years of being in exile even though I paid for Kaiser's health care.
Kaiser is a four letter word to me.  I would live anywhere to get out from under their control.
Thank God I got out in time.
Good luck to those who constantly work toward trying to bring about changes.  You are bucking a politically backed giant who hides behind its "Not for Profit" logo.
Good Luck to You.  I feel your pain but I am on "the other side" now and on the road to recovery.