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Subject: Another One of Those "Fat Surgery is the Answer" Articles
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Date: 2002-02-26 03:26:25 PST

The following article appeared in The Olympian newspaper along
with photos of Ms. Foster now and then.  Her "then" didn't look bad
at all.

In the two years I've been here in the south Puget Sound area,
I have noticed an increasing disdain for people of size.  I find
this interesting, particularly since Olympia prides itself on its
diversity. <snort>

Recently, I had to go to my HMO (known locally as "Group
Death") to have my right arm evaluated for possible
tendonitis/carpal tunnel.  The Occupational MD examined
my arm and then asked, "Has <my regular MD> talked to
you about obesity surgery?"  I smiled and said, "Isn't that
a bit drastic just to fix a swollen elbow?"  My mother
probably rolled over in her grave.  I wasn't raised to sass
people, but I'm tired of people always reminding me that
I'm fat.  Like, duh, I know.  My only problem with being
fat is other people.

As a veteran of the Kaiser Permanente health care system,
I remember when people who wanted these horrible bypass
operations had to go through committees and practically
beg to get them done.  Nowadays, it seems like HMOs are
willing to spend at least $20k if not more to rid us of our
fat.  Sad, isn't it?  I wish they'd just give me the $20k and
then I can either move home to Oakland or follow my
dream of living full time in Hawaii. 8-)  Sawing me in
half sure isn't the answer.

Anyway, enough ranting.  The article appears below.

Kathy J.
(hates living in) Olympia, WA