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Kaiser Transfer Blamed for Brain Damage
by Barbara Wallace

GREENBELT, Md. (CN) - A woman has severe brain damage after a financially-motivated hospital transfer led to respiratory and cardiac arrest in the ambulance, her husband claims in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland.

Maaza O'Brien, 55, was healthy until she contracted pneumonia in Jan. 2013, according to the complaint.

     She was initially seen at her local Kaiser Permanente office, but when her condition got worse over the next two days, Kaiser staff told Daniel O'Brien to take her to an emergency room, Mr. O'Brien says in his complaint.

     He took her to the University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center (UMCRMC) emergency room where "triage providers documented that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia two days before with increased shortness of breath starting one day before. She complained of pain on breathing and noted that she had had some nausea and vomiting. Her breath sounds were diminished," and she was given Dilaudid, "which is known to suppress respirations even further," the complaint states.

     Mrs. O'Brien's emergency room doctor and a doctor at a nearby Kaiser hospital "decided to transfer the patient from UMCRMC in LaPlata to Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, a distance of about 50 miles," via a Basic Life Support ambulance "which offered only minimal respiratory monitoring and little or no respiratory support for a patient suffering respiratory compromise," the complaint continues.
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May 11, 1984
Author: Bee Metro Staff
The family of a Davis man who died of pneumonia at Kaiser-Permanente Medical Center
in Sacramento has been awarded more than $2 million as result of a malpractice suit filed
against the hospital and its doctors.

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